My vague recollection is that this was exacerbated by the farmer's plowing their fields incorrectly. I would suggest that instead of trying to learn about conditions in the rest of the world, that you look up something like "American Dust Bowl" or "Dust Bowl 1929" on Google, at which point you can get the real facts. To Troutwaxer @688I think you're conflating The Great Depression and The Dust xcritical official site Bowl.I think it is not just a coincidence that they all happened at the same time. In both China and USSR, which is at least famous enough. Now, for the reference, I simply am unable to find out what was an agricultural situation in the rest of the world in the beginning of century, because Google results are clogged with anti-communist propaganda with nothing else to report besides that.

  • The average execution speed is according to the xcritical official website 0,08 seconds.
  • Sometimes these things simply take a long time to appear.
  • That's in stark contrast to the designers of the early cars who were motivated to make them cheap and attractive in the showroom.
  • The barriers for entry into the field of trading have never been lower.
  • My friend had some general post-accident pain for a couple weeks, but the only long-term effect was a foot injury from which the pain lasted about a month.
  • It was said it lead to something of a twitter flame war, though that's hardly a distinction.

I should be flabberghasted if he isn't - it's in the list of warnings in the packets of a huge number of drugs, and has been in the popular UK media several times. Even as a layman, I know that St John's Wort is notorious among herbal medicines for its interactions. As for religion in series, there is another series based on a book by Neil Gaiman, "American Gods". I don't remember much problems with the Jesus, err, Jesuses, err, Jesi, err, whatever in the show, and I guess the Mexican Jesus would have this demographic foaming at the mouth, though I guess some Christians I know might find this scene somewhat fitting. The idea of credit being linked to expected economic growth is also why the more reactionary .01% types alarm me, if they successfully convince a majority that economic gains will never be theirs, why cooperate in a charade? With any luck, the wealthy whose minds can wrap around more than acquisitiveness will lean on the reactionaries to protect their own wealth.

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The problem is that, since grain from the area is exported, this could lead to food shortages in the Middle East and elsewhere, so making the Ogallala region sustainable and non-farming could trigger an uprising somewhere else. Back story to who leaks what is an interesting one. The broader point is read the .pdf and then notice I didn't even address the suggestion about hidden European (non-colonial) famines.

Obviously, if you are interested only in the next year's production, annuals or perennials that will grow as such, are better. But that does NOT mean they are better in the long term, nor are good for fuel or timber. "In related news here's Lindybeige talking about olive farming on the tubes of U." Sure, they get down to less than a hundred tonnes of high level material, and that's kind of impressive.


"The real problem is that these disasters aren't reflected in records properly (I can't seem to find relevant demographic data) because it constitutes a really big smear on country's reputation." I even contributed some literature back in the day... Out of respect for OGH, I won't post a link here, but a search for (note the extra "s") "Bodhissatva Troutwaxer" will find some really awful stuff. xcritical official site Along the Murray and Darling rivers, which are some of the most variable in the world, the flexibility to plant more or less in a given year is very valuable. In a drought year with limited water like this one, a rice or cotton farmer may even chose to plant nothing and simply sell their remaining water allocation to another farmer. Let me know which parts of your argument I've misrepresented?

  • And rather than selling electricity for $20/MWH and falling, it's $100/MWh and rising.
  • The correct response to the situation is not to reject the benefits of privilege but to use them to help people with less.
  • Just like Germany and France in WWI maintained a constant population throughout the war years, Ukraine maintained a slightly-declining population throughout the famine years.
  • It makes me cherish the remaining ones all the more.
  • They often have the same failures as other societies do, and fail to learn the lessons.
  • Before fracking became economic, North Dakota had proposed bringing back the Homestead Act due to declining population densities.

Personally, I guess I'll go for a Kleintransporter in the near future, e.g. a van below 3.5t. Usually I get by quite well without a car, but if not, it's usually because I need to fetch some bulky stuff... Most small farm operators are unable to afford private medical insurance premiums. Big problem is when that apparently trivial ailment/medical condition escalates into something very serious so that even when they finally do get into a hospital the odds for a positive outcome are much lower. Before, there were not many threads that connected the localised consensus realities to each other.

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I read that as referring to cleaning up the sites of nuclear power stations by spreading dirt on top of the old reactor core and growing olives on it. The real trouble is the lies and coverups, and the cost of fixing them. Nuclear material is up there with halocarbons on the scale of "usually bad, hard to deal with" but also on the scale of "habitually lied about". The British reactor decommissioning process is called SafeStor. It involves a longer timescale but similar costs overall.

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The cities, especially Rome itself, were dependent on the countryside, not really independent economic entities, unlike modern or even medieval cities. Thus something like half the free population of Rome itself subsisted on state subsidies,"bread and circuses" you know, instead of working for a living. Used to buy up the surplus grain production of the huge slave plantations so it could be distributed freely to the urban "proletariat," a Roman word originally meaning those who didn't work rather than those who did, to keep them from being unruly.

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Like the UK, our government is headed by a figure called "Prime Minister " and I still think that's funny. It's not as good as an elected president, but at least a rotating prime ministership means only the things they're really committed to get put up and only the things there's wide support for within parliament pass. Which reveals some very bad things about them, but, well, I suppose at least we know. In the US they generally already use an 85/15 split to determine speed limits . A lot of modern cars now have adaptive cruise control as standard which is significantly more useful than standard cruise control.

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Of course our current economical system will collapse, but I think that they are likely to collapse in any case when there are no new resources to be exploited. Eternal growth of the physical economy is a logical impossibility in which only some politicians, bankers, economists, and similar types believe in. Of course that can be solved by providing another planet to mess with. Worse news in some ways is that if they ate certain kinds of plastic there would be a population explosion shortly after they got loose, as a bunch of oil and gas platforms failed and released a lot of oil and gas into the sea. I fear that many wind and tidal plants would also suffer. The pace of the global movement away from rural areas and into urbanized areas — a category that includes suburbs and small towns as well as city centers — is startling.